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Yangshan Stone Tablet

In 1405 emperor Zhu Di from a dynasty of Min to immortalize memory of his father emperor Zhu Yuanchzhin - the founder of this dynasty, invited thousands masters from all country, for creation on a slope of the mountain of the mausoleum of Xiaoling. Besides the mausoleum, three huge megalytic monuments located nearby became result of their activity. According to the official version, very doubtful, this place was used as a stone quarry and monuments, no other than unused preparations for mausoleum construction. 

Monuments are located in 15 km from the ancient capital of China (nowadays Nanjing) known with 472 BC. One of megalits - Beizuo reaches 17 meters in height, its width fluctuates from 12 to 29.5 meters, and the weight makes about 16250 tons. The second monument has length of 51 m, height of 14,2 meters, width of 4,5 meters and about 8800 tons weigh. The third monument, nearby with the second, has an oval form, reaches 10 meters in height, 2210.3 meters at width and weigh about 6118 t. If to put one monument on another their height will reach 78 meters that about 31167 tons are equivalent to a modern 28-storeyed tower, lump.

Yangshan Stone
Photo by Zhan

The volume of the done work simply strikes. All megalits are cut from monolithic rocky breed and on a method of construction are very similar to rocky temples in Lalibella. Only here all space round megalits is cleared away, and vertical walls of nearby rocks are processed. If it is a stone quarry, why to take out everything breed and to process steep rocks, putting enormous efforts.

On many megalits images of the heads, paws and tails of dragons are cut. All three megalits have at the basis the cut-down squared niches, which through at two monuments. On a surface of oval megalit is available 14 cut stone ledges reminding ledges - "nipples" on many other most ancient constructions.

Thousand-year reliability and all-weather visibility from big height do similar megalytic objects by fine navigation reference points, and the Yanshang stone plate, in this sense, isn't an exception.

Yangshang stone plate. Line crosses exactly Angkor.The second megalit of a complex from above has the extended rectangular shape with an approximate ratio of the parties 1:10. He is well visible from space and is cut on an azimuth of 40.3 degrees. This azimuth in this concrete point sets the direction to the Teotiuacan, on which respectively megalit is oriented. The distance from the Yanshang plate to Teotiuacan is 13008 km and divides a half of the Big circle passing through these objects, in a proportion 7:13.

Besides, the line the Yanshang plate – Teotiuacan passes precisely through Angkor that is located in a golden ratio between Teotiuacan's antipode and Yanshang megalits. The line has some more unusual features. It passes through geoglyphs of Nazca and through some interesting points - crossings of latitudes and meridians of known monumental constructions of an antiquity.




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Didier Lamouche 19-02-2018 10:34:45
10.450 avant J.C.
Des plans ont ?t? con?us par lIS-BE de lAncien Empire nomm? Thoth pour la construction de la Grande Pyramide de Gizeh. Les 4 couloirs da?ration de la pyramide sont dirig?s pr?cis?ment vers des ?toiles-cl?s de lAncien Empire, telles quelles pouvaient ?tre observ?es depuis Gizeh cette ann?e-l?. Lalignement des Pyramides de Gizeh sur le sol recoupe parfaitement lalignement de la Constellation dOrion telle quelle peut ?tre observ?e depuis Gizeh, relativement ? la position du Nil comme repr?sentation terrestre de la Voie Lact?e dans le ciel.
2.450 avant J.C.
La Grande Pyramide et le complexe de pyramides pr?s du Caire sont achev?s. Une inscription cr??e par les administrateurs de lAncien Empire peut ?tre observ?e dans les soit- disant Textes des Pyramides. Les textes d?clarent que la pyramide fut construite sous la direction de Thoth, fils de Ptah. Bien entendu, jamais un roi na ?t? enterr? dans la chambre, les pyramides nayant jamais ?t? destin?es ? servir de chambre fun?raire.
La Grande Pyramide fut plac?e pr?cis?ment au centre exact de toutes les masses continentales de la Terre, telles quon peut les observer depuis lespace. Il va de soi que des mesures dune telle pr?cision exigent une perspective a?rienne et une observation des masses continentales depuis lespace. Des calculs purement math?matiques du centre g?od?sique des continents terrestres ne pourraient pas ?tre r?alis?s autrement.
Des puits da?ration furent construits ? lint?rieur de la pyramide pour saligner avec la configuration des ?toiles appartenant aux constellations dOrion, du Grand Chien [Canus Majora], et sp?cifiquement Sirius. Les couloirs sont ?galement align?s en direction de la Grande Ourse, o? ?tait situ?e la plan?te-m?re de lAncien Empire. Egalement en direction dAinitak, dAlpha du Dragon [Alpha Draconis], et de Beta de la Petite Ourse [Beta Ursa Minor].
Ces ?toiles constituent chacune des cl?s du syst?me de lAncien Empire, depuis lesquelles les IS-BE ?taient d?port?s sur Terre puis mis au rebut, tels des marchandises impossibles ? n?gocier.
La configuration de lensemble des pyramides sur le Plateau de Gizeh visait ? cr?er une image miroir sur Terre du syst?me solaire, et de certaines constellations au sein de lAncien Empire.
Didier Lamouche 09-11-2017 16:10:57
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